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The Hurricane Tiger curriculum includes the most exciting and beneficial aspects of the Martial Arts. No two classes are exactly alike. A variety of drills make training fun and exciting: challenging, but not overwhelming. The Hurricane Tiger training curriculum is in compliance with and exceeds the requirements for the World Taekwondo Federation and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

As you learn your requirements and test for your next belt, you are presented with a new set of skills to learn. The process continues, offering a lifetime of learning continuing through color belts, degrees of Black Belts, Master Degrees and beyond. Martial Arts learning is a journey, not a destination.

Hurricane Tiger programs offer something for everyone: short trial periods to regular memberships. Programs are available for most budget levels. During an evaluation, an office staff member can offer suggestions and help you select the best program to fit your needs. Family packages offer discounts and options for all members.

Below is a list of some of the programs that are offered. If your training needs require more in deep training contact us and one of our staff will call you to discuss further.

Self-defense classes for:


Women `s Class 




Tae Kwon Do

Hapkido Self Defense

Demo Team

 Our school and our Masters are certified through Kukkiwon, the official governing body of Taekwondo

Kukkiwon certification is the gold standard in Tae Kwon Do training and is recognized worldwide. This organization is the only officially recognized Poom or Dan of the World Taekwondo Federation and sets a standard for the quality of instructor, athletic coaches, and Olympic officials. A Kukkiwon endorsed school verifies to the public that the instruction material is authentic Tae Kwon Do.
Only those who have acquired a Kukkiwon Poom or Dan are eligible to participate in major international events including the Pan Am Championships, Pan Am Games and the Olympics.
All of our black belts are recognized and issued by the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul.

Master Rodriguez currently holds a 6th Degree Black Belt from the World

Taekwondo Federation (WTF), is a Kukkiwon Certified Taekwondo

Master Instructor and is a certified Taekwondo Referee. He is also a

5th Degree Black Belt International Hapkido Federation of  Korea.

Over 35 years experience. 

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