Hurricane Tigers Taekwondo & Martial Arts

Quality martial Arts not quantity 

Five Tenets of Taekwondo 
Courtesy · Intergrity · Perseverance ·  Self Control ·  Indomitable Spirit

Welcome to the official home page of Hurricane Tigers Taekwondo & Martial Arts. Hurricane Tigers was established in 2000 by Master Elliot Rodriguez. Our first class facility is fully matted with 2" thick mats and is air conditioned. We hold many classes per week and have several instructors on staff. Our school is known for the high quality instructions. We provide comprehensive training programs in Traditional Taekwondo self defense for men women and children of all ages and skill levels including competition level training.



Origin of Daitoryu Aikijitsu, and Jujutsu, Hapkido is a martial art used almost exclusively for self defense. In Hapkido, one uses his opponents weight, speed and power against him. This Karate style incorporates strikes, weapons, joint locks, pressure points and joint manipulation. Sweeps, throws and falling skills are also used. For teens and adults, and children who have already tested for a Taekwondo Black Belt only.